Friday, December 7, 2012

Foto Reel - 35

 We celebrated Barry's 33rd birthday.  His first as a Daddy and Henry had a great time helping open presents for the first time, it was a fun taste of what's to come at Christmas.  :)
 They sure are handsome dudes.
 We went to dinner with a few great friends to celebrate and this lil' man was such a good boy.  :)
 We also celebrated with Barry's family, where we had multiple rounds of Birthday dessert.
 The boys helped fold clothes together.....and wrestle.
  This was a sleepy faced babe who had just awoken from a nap.  Oh so bed snuggly warm and cuddly. 
 He met the 2nd tree that we decorated, this year adding colored lights for Henry to admire.  He loved it so much he made noises and stuck out his arms to try and hug it. 
 He sat perfectly still alot. 
 We took advantage of December 3rds 70 degree day as Barry went and played golf and we took a family walk looking at Christmas weird.  :)  Henry tried out his big boy seat on the stroller for the first time and loved it.  He especially liked being able to look out and see his puppy. 
 We got festive with the fam and met up with Sarah and Chris at the Henry Clay estate for the lighting on the lawn.  100yr old tree, over 100ft tall, one cute baby, and some Starbucks in a red cup. 
 He attended Emma's 2nd birthday and enjoyed watching all the kiddos and playing in their ball pit. 
 Someone else had a birthday.  8 months to be exact.  Goodness how time flies. 

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