Monday, May 10, 2010

We had a lovely Mother's Day weekend though it wore us both out. :) Friday spent in Louisville with the Zeller's and Saturday we played clean up crew. We cleaned inside, outside, planted things, mowed, went to the grocery, prepared menus for Sunday, and crashed at 11:30. Sunday we went to a great service on parenthood, and came back to the house to prepare the house even more and get the food prepped. Mom, Dad, Katie, Lucas, Elise, Don, Karen, Chris, and Patience were all here for a great cookout. I made a risotto asparagus dish which I will never touch again. ( the recipe said 30 min easy) I spent most of my time in the kitchen cooking but really enjoyed having everyone here to enjoy a celebration of our Mother's. They are both so loving and have given me such happiness. I hope to have a little of both in me as I grow older. :)

Tonight I read and post .............for the 4th hour in a row. So sick of looking at words, but it must be done. Sooooo off I go, enough stalling for the evening. :)

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