Monday, May 24, 2010

spring and happy

It's spring time for sure! As much as I'd love to be planting my new flowers and herbs I'm trying to get going on a research paper inside.....hmmm but instead I blog. :O) Well only to remember that today I cut the most wonderful smelling pink roses from the far side of our garage. That climbing rose bush is beautiful and it goes crazy this time of year. ( I love old houses!) Barry being the sweetheart that he is watered all of our new plants and the beds tonight while I worked, he also dead headed the knockout roses in the front and the back! He's such a sweetheart!

Toni flies home tonight from Colorado. I cannot imagine the pain she must be in, only a week after complicated open heart surgery. She's a tough person, but I hope she will realize this is the time to let us all love her and help her.

On a I'm a wuss note, my shoulder has been hurting for a couple days now and this headache on the right side of my head will not go away. Hope I can find a comfy position to sleep in. Zzzzzz

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