Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mama's 93rd!

Today Mamaw Scherer is 93 years wonderful! Granny, Pepaw, and Dad went to visit her.  I stopped by Granny and Pepaw's yesterday to drop off flowers and a card from us.  They took her to Cheddar's for lunch where she got a chocolate sundae which she loved.  I sure wish we got up there more to visit her.  I hate knowing she's lonely and on her own.  Hopefully I can make ambetter effort with the time I'm blessed left with her. 

On other news Freida announced she's retiring today! Many changes ahead for our school.  It was beyond time for a change I'm just hoping they give us someone who can handle the job. 
I'm off Bo dream land for a few hours and am blessed to do so win my baby's arm around me and a fuzzy dog next to me.  :)

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