Monday, October 27, 2014

One month of knowing heaven on earth with Mallie Lynn

My darling girl you have captured our hearts.  You are such a sweet and precious little soul and this first month has left me with a deep desire to know you more.  It's been a wild ride so far as we have learned how to juggle this new and wonderful life with a toddler and a baby.  It scares me to think that time with you may always go this fast, but I'm learning to treasure the moments as they come.  There have been times of exhaustion in the middle of the night when I just haven't been able to close my eyes, or lay you back down to sleep.  Not because you were unhappy but because I couldn't stop staring at you. 
From the moment you were born you have wanted to eat, and from 1 week to 2 weeks you went from weighing 5.14lbs to a whopping 7.4lbs!!! In other words, you're chunking up!  Your average feed time is every 2 hours, sometimes more and sometimes less and you've got the arm rolls to prove it.  :)
Your cry is so different from your brothers and definitely a sound that could only belong to a little girl.   Already you are so strong and can hold your head up for extended periods of time.  My favorite is when you rare your head back to get a look at me when I'm holding you, I could have a staring contest with you forever.
I look forward to our days ahead sweet girl and still can't believe your mine.
Weight: @ two weeks 7.4lbs 17%
Height: 20.5in long 56%
Feeding: average every 2 hours
Sleep: Well at night, feeding every 3-4 hours
Awake:  Large chunks of awake time during the day, usually mid morning and afternoon, sometimes early evening.  Other times falls asleep right after a feeding.
Loves: Nursing, being swaddled, Falling asleep on mommy and daddy's chest, the sound of running water, bath time (while in the water), gas drops, sleeping, Henry's voice, squeaky floors.
Dislikes: pacis, gassy belly, diaper changes, being cold.
Temperament: Colic/Fussy due to an upset belly.  We are cutting out dairy and hoping it helps.  When your belly isn't bothering her she is as cool as a cucumber, laid back and easy.  I hope to see more of this in the future and watch her little personality shine. 
Diaper Size: NB
Clothing Size: NB and starting to fill things out.  :)

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