Sunday, October 26, 2014

One month Foto Reel - Mallie Lynn

You're one month old darling girl.  How did this happen!?  It's been the busiest, craziest, most wonderful time of our lives but has gone by in a complete blur.  I think we are coming out of the fog though, we're all figuring out how to be this blessed family of four. 
 I've been lucky to get my teeth brushed these days so getting pictures posted for our keepsakes has definitely not been happening.  I promise to try and be better.  I want to remember all these sweet moments and recall the loving way you changed our family for the better.

Here's our hogpog foto reel for the month. 
 Hi little peanut. 
Your brother and daddy having fun at your first doctors visit.  Where you had dropped down to 5.14lbs.  Don't worry you caught up quickly, and at 2 weeks you weighed a whopping 7.4 lbs!!!!  Not the norm according to our doctor.  I guess that's what happens when you act like your starving every 1.5 - 2 hrs.  :) 
 The first week I couldn't stop staring at you all squished up with your little crossed legs, knowing that you had just been in my belly.  A miracle I can not wrap my mind around but am so happy it's true. 
  You started opening your eyes and staying awake pretty early and pretty frequently, which we thoroughly enjoy. 

 You're brother is already dying to play with you. 
 I know from experience I will quickly look back at these photos in astonishment that you were ever this small.  Oh I hope I can soak it all in the best that I can.  These are the days we'll want to remember forever. 

We had our first family of four Friday night together.   Henry enjoyed it too as he had a special treat of his first movie, Horton Hears a Who. 
 At week 3 we introduced you to the great outdoors as we took you out for your first walk.
Did I mentioned you're cuddly?
 Look at that belly grow!!!! 

 Daddy is really getting the hang of this father of two thing, and boy does he love holding his little girl. 

You're a lover of water already....if only we didn't have to get you out and make you cold.  

 You already know how to get what you want, which means you spend a lot of your time being held.  So instead of getting a list of to dos checked off during Henry's nap time, this is what we do...or try to do. 
 You already know how to pose with the best of them.

 You're gorgeous by the way.  I'm really not sure how I push your stroller down the sidewalk without running into a tree.  Can't take my eyes off of you. 
 You're brother loves to love you.  Kisses and hugs are often found passing from him to you. 
I'm so excited that we can forever incorporate pumpkins into your birthday celebrations!!!  Yay for a fall baby!

 We've experimented with a bow or two....and these little felt lovelies are my fave. 
  Here's to many more photos ahead little girl.  We love you so much!

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