Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2 Years of Knowing Heaven on Earth

Two years ago today I was scared to death.  Two years ago today we heard the world enter your lungs as you took your first breath.  No one could prepare us for the changes that would come or how much we would love our new and first born son.  You've grown our hearts beyond what we have ever known before; maybe that's why tears were shed tonight as we shut your bedroom door.  Goodnight 1 year old kisses, hugs and giggles.  Good Morning 2 year old dreams, jumps, and squeals.  On the day you were born I swore it was the best day of my life,  but now looking back it was the beginning of us taking flight.  On a journey we have soared with you as our pilot.  You take us to new levels of living, to views of wonder and delight.  I love the you I hold today far more than I did 2 years ago, as hard as that is to imagine.  You are my buddy, my son, my little love, my heart, my maker of smiles, my challenger, my dreamer, my whisperer, my sweet baby boy you'll always be.  Happy birthday little darling!  Many blessings to thee.

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