Thursday, April 10, 2014

A look at our Wild Thing turning 2.

The little Wild Thing turned 2 last week.  
 We started the day in joyful fashion.  Getting to walk into the room of a very happy boy.  While mom and dad smiled through squinted eyes, going on three hours of sleep.  It seems that two of his 2year old molers decided to be quite punctual and come on the eve of his birthday.  Yowzers.  But, despite the lack of sleep and mouth pain this guy partied like a rock star. 
He started the morning off with a drive around the block in his new ride.  It felt like we got a glimpse of what it will be like to see him driving away at 16.  (yeah, dramatic I know)  He enjoyed a birthday breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and bacon; his all time favorite. 
Then the real fun began as I baked up a chocolate cake with the assistance of the birthday boy! 
 We had a wonderful day playing and enjoying the freedom to lick icing bowls, and do what ya want.  It's a birthday of course!!! 
We had a Where the Wild Things Are themed birthday party, and I enjoyed getting my late night craft pants on.  The chocolate cake recipe was one I had not used before but it is absolutely a keeper and I highly recommend it to anyone needing to make something delightful for dessert!  The recipe was doubled here to give the height that I wanted for the cake. 
He had a blast partying with his family and for a 2 year old, teething, and going on little sleep, he was such a trooper!!!  :)

I could say it's hard to believe he's two years old, but I won't.  Although time has flown by I do feel like I have been blessed to enjoy him at each stage of his life.  It seems like so long ago that he was a newborn baby and as much as we loved him then we love him that much more now.  He is the perfect combination of sweet and gentle, thoughtful and caring, serious and silly.  He is like nothing we have ever known before and we couldn't feel more blessed to call him our son.  Henry Thomas Cooper, we could "eat you up we love you so."