Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Big Life Changes

If you follow us on Instagram you probably already know our big news, but to explain my bloggy absence lately; we're moving!  On January 8th a sign went in our yard and 4 days later we had a contract. 

So we quickly made the mad dash to find a house.  Which we did, but as with most things in life this journey hasn't been without it's share of hurdles.  Who knew there were so many juggling parts to selling your home!?  From inspections, to paperwork I'm ready for this part to be over. 

So now comes the sentimental bits.  The parts where we say goodbye to our first house together.  The one where we spent five wonderful years of our married life together.  The one we worked hard to make our own, where we gardened, played, and loved. This little old house with lots of charm has been so good to us, but no matter how much we love it the closets will always be small and if ya know how much we like clothes....that's a deal breaker. 
 Where we brought home our sweet baby boy. 
 Where he spent the first two wonderful years of his life making everything he touched a little more wonderful.  Henry you won't remember this little house or all the fun we had in it but don't worry mommy took enough videos and pictures you'll feel like you know it.

So as of tomorrow we will be living with Barry's parents.  When things fell through with the house we thought we would be living in (2weeks before closing, oh boy!) they graciously stepped in to offer up their home to us.  We are so thankful for the sale of this home happening so quickly, and family that's so generous to help. 

 Now let's just pray the closing goes well Friday because we are all boxed up over here! 


  1. So exciting, love!!!! Glory to God! xx

  2. Hugs and prayers for you guys that things go smoothly from here on out!

  3. Good luck! Can't wait to see the new place.