Monday, March 3, 2014

23 Months of Knowing Heaven on Earth

 You ain't seen nothing yet! 

That would be the theme of this month if we had one; because he has learned more, loved more, and laughed more than before in the most wonderful ways. 
He is beginning to outgrow his 18-24 month pants in length but is still being swallowed in the waist by 24 month clothes.  Good thing we introduced him to his first ever brownie, pretty sure that belly could grow pretty fast on those bad boys. 
Our favorite moments of the month: 

"Hey MOM!!!"  - I'm pretty my jaw dropped to the floor the first time he yelled this....maybe even the 4th and 5th time too.  It only lasted a few weeks but where on earth this 23 month old going on 15 heard this I have no idea. 

We learned he doesn't lack for confidence:

"I sooo peshious"  (precious)
"I such a good goffer."
"I so poud of you!"  after running, golfing, or saying "I sorry."
After hearing us say we loved him he followed up saying "with all my heart!"

I am happy to know he feels the love we have for him!!!  He should never doubt that.  Not ever.

The little guy loves music to pieces.  He enjoys singing to himself all day long.  He is fully singing through his ABC's, Where is Thumbkin or Pumpkin as he likes to say, Twinkle Twinkle, Old McDonald, and bits of Tomorrow from Annie.   He quickly identifies a guitar, piano, horn when hearing it in music and will indentify Jazz music from all other; I'd like to think this means he will play some kind of instrument.  :)  (If he wants too.)

We have enjoyed nightly rituals of diaper runs up and down the hallway.  He knows if daddy changes him for a bath or pajamas that he wants to "show mommy" his little nakey baby body.  Which I just adore!!!!!

We turned his car seat around to facing forward this month, and as I backed down the driveway for the first time I hear him say  "I sooo comtowble mommy!"  :)  Proceeded by I like da comfy car."  "Ohhh Ohh cars, Here day coouume!"  Hahaha!!!!   I think it's safe to say he likes his new found leg room and views out the window. 

We have enjoyed a good three weeks straight of a happy healthy boy.  He has been more cuddly, loving, and joyful than even normal.  Giving out hugs, kisses, and statements of I love you unprovoked.  We are so happy and blessed to have such a wonderful little light in our lives.  


  1. Reading his little commentary always cracks me up. I can imagine the "hey mom!" was a, "what the heck just happened?!" moment for you! :)

  2. Ha ha! He's happy to entertain for sure! Yeah hearing that come out of his mouth was pretty priceless!!!