Monday, February 24, 2014

Foto Reel-Our week recapped

This past week has been filled with moments to stop and cherish as our little guy becomes more like a little person each day.  
We spent time cuddling as a family and reading books in bed before naptime which resulted in a dozen unsolicited kisses (rare) that we quickly absorbed to the depths of our soul.  Instant happy.

We watched countless runs up and down the hall, jumping and dashing as fast as he could as he would yell "Wahhhhppppooooooo"!  aka Yahhooo!  :)  One of his favorites when he's excited lately.

We were blessed with a few warm days and he was so happy to get outdoors to play; enjoying a picnic at the park with his friends, and playtime outdoors at Gran and Pops.

He built a fort with his Daddy, these boxes are coming in awful handy these days.

Singing constantly, little serenades of Mary had a little lamb, The sun will come out Tomorrow, Old McDonald, and singing/saying saying our ABC's start to finish on repeat. 

Our favorite singing moment came when he grabbed both of our hands and started singing "Ring Around the Rosie."

One of my quirky sayings is "shoot a monkey"  when something happens I'm frustrated with.  So when Henry saw Barry pracitcing a golf swing and make a divet in the yard his reaction was......"Whoaaahhhhh shoot a Mooonnnkkeeeyy!"  in amazement.  Followed by us in hysterical laughter.

The arrival of warmer temperatures have brought more birds out to play than weeks past, and little man has taken notice.  While playing outside he began shouting "Birrrrddds where ARE yooouuuu? "

His sweet little voice and brain that's in constant motion are entertaining on a minute by minute basis. 

Love his guts!!!!

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