Sunday, February 9, 2014

the Little things the cold brings.

Call me crazy but I have actually enjoyed being wrapped in a this crazy cold winter weather.  Much of the country now has a new weather term added to their memory bank known as the polar vortex.  Sounds crazy right?  Well the sub zero temperatures, ice on your windows, snow that won't melt, and water pipes that freeze have caused many to grumble; and rightfully so I feel so blessed negative temperatures didn't bust any of our pipes this year. 

 Most Kentucky winter's are cold, but not cold enough for snow leaving us to be in a constant bundled up state of umbrella's and muddy yards.  SNOW is what I want if it's going to be cold.  It's the prettiest part of winter and I love watching it magically blanket all the winter drabness in a coat of silent white wonder.
The little things the cold brings. 
Instead of grumbling about how we are in a crazy state of cabin fever I've tried to focus on the little things I'm so thankful for.  In this crazy cold weather so many people would love to experience the luxury of a steamy hot shower, to hear the warm heat kick on through the vents of their insulated walls, to rush have a choice of which coat your going to wear that day, to watch the roar of a fire in their fireplace, to clean up a messy kitchen brought to them by the prep of making a pot of chili. We are blessed. 

The past couple of weeks have had us cuddled up inside rocking our fleece sweatpants, fuzzy socks and trying to avoid outside at all costs.  Of course there has been a day or two where we braved the cold to have some great wintery fun; but for the most part we are layered up and cozy making hot chocolate or playing with trains.  We have had snow on the ground, covering the grass and trees for over a week now, with each day bringing a few more flurries.  The promise of more snow in our forecast next week....makes me smile.  Bring on the snow until the sun is ready to shine and flowers are ready to be picked!  I've never met a more perfect winter. 
A shot of our trees as they take a wintery bow. 

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  1. I'm with you - if it is going to be cold, gimme some snow! And make it enough so I can't see the grass!