Sunday, February 2, 2014

22 Months of Knowing Heaven on Earth

When asked who ate all the blueberries, staring at his empty bowl he said " Henry Cooper at all duh booberries."  Really!?  These are the types of things that come out of his mouth.  Asking questions and repeating sentences we say.  I feel like he's a little tiny adult except for the occasional fits over random and weird things like not being able to clip himself into his high chair. 

Favorite things we've heard this month:  "What's uh Mommy/Daddy doin?"
Exclaiming that people or things are silly.  "Kie silly puppy." , "Mommy so silly."  "I'm a silly boy."
"Ohhhhhhh a siren!"  (points to his ear) "I hear it!"
After taking him to the game he now tells us he's a "Wildcat baketball payer"
Loves the tradition of playing in the snow and coming inside for "hot choco-et and farshfellows".
"I'm so fast" running down the hallway.
Golf club in hand, pointing to a spot on the floor to tell us to "put it right here", referring to his golf ball.
"Yeah" with a slight elevation at the end.  This is how he answers us instead of MMMMhmmmm now.  Do you want a bannanna?  "Um Yeah"!
Singing songs to himself like Happy and Ya Know It, and helping us sing some of his favorites like The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow, Jingle Bells, Twinkle Twinkle, Old McDonald, and him and his Daddy's Fruit of the Spirit.

Favorite books to read this month: (on repeat)
The Fuzzy Duckling
All three of the Knuffle Bunny stories.
Where the Wild Things Are
Little Blue Truck

His eating has been hit or miss, with more misses than hits.  He in general will eat blueberries/apples/halos/salmon/yogurt any time it's given.

We have had our challenges this month as we battled giving up the Paci, fighting a double ear infection, and finding his inner almost 2 year old.   On the whole the more he develops the more amazed I am at how special it is to be a mommy.  He is constant entertainment and sure makes us laugh from the depths of our gut!  So thankful for another month of moments with this guy. 

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