Thursday, April 21, 2011

Welcome to the World Woods

Barry and I went to see brand new baby Woods yesterday! It was such an amazingly wonderful and yet strange thing to see Alison holding him! "Wow that little guy was made by you two! (and God)" :)
I was able to hold him for a bit and look into his adorable little eyes. He seems to be quite studious at the moment, observing every move people make. (most especially his Momma). He has a lot of John's features but Ali's long eyelashes.
Addie drove down from Louisville to meet the new lil Randolph joy! She was absolutely elated to hold him! What a happy, happy day! Today is Alison's birthday, and what a wonderful gift.....they get to bring Woods home!
After our visit we went to Nick Ryan's Saloon for dinner. It was great to catch up with Addie, and it's definetely something I'd like to have happen more often! Everyone knows a Mosely laugh is good for the heart!
Our meal at Nick Ryan's was totally dissapointing! :( I had been in love with several dishes there, namely the sweet potato veggie burger and truffle fries. WELL! Veggie burger has been taken off the menu and replaced by a much messier and less delicious counter part. I recieved my plate with fries, and guess what? They are no longer truffle fries unless you request that! WHAT? How bout giving a hungry lady a heads up!? Never will I ever go back there again....unless its to have drinks and truffle fries only! :)

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