Monday, April 25, 2011

Baby Gifts

Hello ruffle butt onesie! I can't imagine anything more adorable than a little babe in this! Make it stop! It's too much cuteness!
I somehow think I could make this even with the low level experience I have. I'd like to make an attempt sometime soon! :)

Paper Mache Bird Mobile
Which reminds me of the fabric mobiles we found in Carmel by the Sea
One Crafty Place has a nice tutorial for this: scroll down the page to find it.

I am in love with birds for babies!  
or the adorable Owl Mobile tutorial also on One Crafty Place
A WHAT????? Yes a BUM SPOON!!!! For applying diaper cream. Who knew?

How to make a Tutu!!!! I can see little Elise running around they yard in this!!!

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