Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cornice Up!

A while back I posted pictures of Barry using his manly saw and cutting out our cornice board for the big window in our room. Well, the project took a bit longer than expected due to me being indecisive on it’s size and having other projects that held precedence. (When we have pretty weather you have to act on it!) 
I’m pleased to say it is now finished. B did a great job putting it together. I had originally thought of using a textured crème fabric to cover it because our bed spread is so busy, but upon discovering this fabulous silk blend pattern I had to change plans. I purchased a new heavy duty staple gun for the project and covered the board with batting. As with any project we had a road bump….not enough fabric to cover the length of the board. So I cut some of the leftover fabric from the width and sewed it to the end. Then, with Keightley’s help I attached the fabric.
We had a time trying to get the board mounted onto the wall due to the extreme length and height of the window. Thankfully Barry’s Dad was able to help put it up after everyone left on Easter. Now I just need to sew the new curtains to go underneath and then it’s bye-bye mini blinds!

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  1. Um I want a house to decorate with pretty things like those curtains :)