Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No time to blog Dr. JONES!

Wow we have been busy since getting back from vacation.

Last week we were in a tornadoe of "to dos", and it hasn't stopped this week either! There were the usual 90 loads of laundry that come with being gone for a week. Our grass had grown into a jungle and Barry spent a good amount of time working on that. I murdered all of the weeds in our flower beds and gardens that were trying to make a new home for themselves.
I have exactly two weeks off until my grad courses start back up so I've been trying to make the most of it. Getting some crafting projects done here and there. Barry has started cleaning out his closet and I have found several shirts of his that I'm currently ripping up and making into little rosettes. :)
I saw a cute project involving old food jars made into flower pots and decided to use those as my Easter centerpieces. So I've been cleaning and spray painting those outside whenever the wind stops. We have enjoyed being home again and getting back into cooking. I'm attempting to plan our meals a week in advance and only go to the grocery store once each week.......(we'll see how this goes).
Last week Sara and Ryan gave birth to their twin girls and we are excited to meet Clarabelle and Miller. It is unbelievable how many of our friends are due in the next couple months! Molly and Eric had their baby girl Avery on the 18th, and Alison and John gave birth to Woods yesterday!
Don't drink the water!!!!!!!
We celebrated Don's 60th birthday on Sunday with everyone at Don and Karen's. It was a great evening spent catching up with everyone. We are so glad they are back in Kentucky and here to stay for a while!
This year we are hosting our families Easter gathering! I'm so excited! I love hosting! The decorating, planning, cooking and cleaning have all begun. I have a checklist for each day this week and am hoping to throw this gathering without too much stress. :)

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