Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Black Interior Doors

So we are in the process of getting new paneled interior doors to replace our flat paneled ones. Last night I ran across a new post from Remodalaholic with this fabulous idea of painting interior doors black. Black really? I love painting things black, dining room chairs, kitchen cabinets, (coming soon our stairs)!!!! But never have I thought to do our doors! Last year I played with the idea of doing our window trim in black but then decided we would need to do the house trim too and that was way more work than neccessary.
Barry isn't entirely sure he's keen on the idea. Replacing our doors was his idea, and something he has been talking about for a while. He ordered oil rubbed bronze handles for our doors and hinges to match. When I mentioned painting them black he sadly said he'd just have to get use to the idea and that OH he wouldn't be able to see his "white doors" he had been invisioning. :) I now feel like Whitney trying to battle Ryan for decorating freedom. We'll see who wins the debate. :) Our only dilemma would be changing our hardware order to silver instead. But Ohhhhh how dramatic it would look! I'm in love!

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