Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hair Dryer Styler Straightener

This one step hair dryer and styler has changed my hair routine immensely!  My hair dries faster than before with a smooth finish requiring no straightening whatsoever.  As a busy mama who usually has my hands full this product has become my favorite hair tool in my arsenal.
My hair is thin in but I have a TON of it.  While my hair is straight in the front it is super wavy in the unflattering kinda way all through the back and underneath.  So straightening is a must for me if I want my hair to A) not be curled B) curl it and get a smooth non frizzy finish
There are several other brands out there but at this price point the Lescolton can't be beat and works every bit as good as the styler's twice the price.  Bonus, you can hold a baby, drink a cup of coffee, scroll mindlessly on your phone all while drying your hair at the same time because it literally takes one hand to get the job done!  Multitasking at it's finest!
Lescoloton Hair dryer styler

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