Wednesday, April 1, 2015

6 Months of Knowing Heaven on Earth - MLEC

 Nothing can measure time like the growth of a child.  Half of a year has gone by with the snap of a finger.  Days a blur, weeks that run into each other making months feel like a long weekend.  These 6 months have challenged, stretched, grown and changed us into the little family of four we have been so blessed to become.  You are a new kind of wonderful.  Every glimpse of your personality is slowly revealing a gentle, happy, and sweet soul that leaves us thirsty for more. 


6 months brought us:

Weight: 14lb and 10oz
Height: 251/2 in long

Feeding: When your hungry.  Typically every 3 hours except for evenings when you like to cluster feed before bed. 
Sleep: we have our ups and downs.  In the past three weeks we have had better sleep than we've seen in a while waking 2-3 times but going back down after feedings and we've even seen a sprinkling of one night wakings!  Naps are typically short lived but you have found that a little morning snooze isn't so bad and a late afternoon rest doesn't hurt either, although you still do less day sleeping than your almost 3 year old brother!  Naps and nights are completely done in your cozy crib now

Awake:You are typically a happy girl especially over the past few weeks, learning more about your world as you explore with your hands and vocalize your excitements.  

Loves: Row Your Boat, This Little Piggy, Kisses, Bouncing, Exploring with your hands and feet, Grabbing at toys on your playmat, being outside, going for walks, your brother, grinning, squealing, chewing on toys, your fingers, listening to Henry play music, flying with Daddy, seeing Daddy when he walks in the room, your paci, being cozy in a woombie

Dislikes: being tired, well you loved and hated banana.  We tried your first foods and you loved the taste of banana, however your body did not and so it will go down as your first official failed food.  Being on your belly for tummy time for any longer than a minute is still a bit of a struggle. 

Temperament: Sweet and wonderful you!  You are a happy girl at heart and have such a joyful disposition.  You are pretty laid back and happy in most situations.  Your the type of baby who can wake up and happily lie in your crib talking/squealing/smiling to yourself.  When your comfortable and feeling good you can put your self down to sleep.  You have an infectious laugh  and smile that can make the world stop in it's tracks. 

Clothing Size: 6 months!  In the past few weeks you've quickly outgrown every last trace of 3-6 month clothing and are fully embracing your new big girl size!

New Milestones: mastering the exersaucer and manipulating all your new toys,  sitting up more independently with wobbles and teeters lessening,  baby push ups in tummy time, taking your paci out of your mouth and moving it from hand to hand and sometimes making it back to your mouth, trying solid food for the first time, your first ear infection and battle with antibiotics, they wreaked havoc on your unstable system and left us feeling pretty miserable, visiting the chiropractor, having a happier temperament. 

This past month has been a little overwhelming with new information and struggles through FPIES.  After trying banana and failing (bloody stools, explosive diapers) I began doing more research.  I've gathered lots of information and help from a few great support groups and learned so much from moms who are walking this same journey.  I learned that you have never actually been baseline or "normal" and we have to find a way to get you there, as you are still fighting something your being exposed to.  I learned that soy and dairy are in Everything!!!  from your vaccines right down to the advil mommy takes for headaches.  Some of this information has scared/worried me as I think about what might lie ahead for us but I'm giving it to God knowing that it's all in his hands.  After your first ear infection and continously running nose and unchanging bowel issues we decided to give a chiropractor a chance.  We haven't seen any change in your belly but have seen you handle it better and a happy girl counts for a fact that's all we really care about!  We have an appointment with Cincinnati Children's GI in mid April where we hope to gather more information and guidance as we move forward down this road. 
We love you darling girl, your joy for life has taken us all by surprise in the most delightful way.  Our spoon full of sugar and I literally want to eat you up a dozen times a day!  Thank you for being you

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