Monday, April 13, 2015

A Masters "Par 3" Party! -Henry Turns 3

We asked Henry months before his big day what kind of party he would like this year; the little man who carries his clubs out to the yard almost daily answered us everytime with "a golfer party"!
So that's what we did.

 It started with a little baking, as we dove into one of his favorite birthday traditions;  helping make his cake and clean the bowl with a few licks. 

and more fun followed.
 We had hoped for good weather but a nice cold front complete with flurries sent our home course inside.  We quickly scrambled to create some indoor golfing fun and it turned out to be just as great.   Barry helped cut out some putting greens and Henry's Pops personalized a sweet putting box complete with all of his favorite golfers.  We had a mini pro shop set up for our guests to grab a bag and decorate a visor. 

 In true golfing fashion we served doughnut holes from his Sand trap, "Par"faits, orange "Wedges", watermelon "Slices", "Club" sandwiches, and sweet "Tee" and a side of lemonade for those "Arnold Palmer" fans. 

 Then came the Green Jacket ceremony.  My mom created a miniature version of the special Masters jacket for Henry's big day.  He sure felt special and has insisted on wearing it to the grocery, running errands, playing golf outside and church. 

He enjoyed making his golfing visor at his party and the outfit looked complete.  Completely cute that is.  Ohhhhh that Henry smile!  *Gush!

Baking his cake and cookies proved to be a slight bit challenging not being able to taste the icing or batter (Thanks FPIES), but luckily I had some eager helpers who walked me through the final end products.  These might have been my favorite treats to decorate to date!

We felt so blessed to have a house full of our closest friends and family, people loving and celebrating Henry.  He talked about the fun for days!  Thank you to everyone who came and for helping us gather books to donate to children in need.  This was a super sweet lesson to try and teach Henry to think of others and I hope to be able to do something like that every year.

 Bravo to this sweet baby turning 3!  It makes me sentimental not sad to think of how he's grown.  I've enjoyed every minute of knowing him and each day brings a new memory or special moment I bury deep in my box of blessed treasures.  We love you Henry!

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