Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter filled our hearts

Easter is probably my favorite holiday, although I love each one of them when it's upon us.  This year seemed even more special than before as we celebrated the gift we find in Jesus on Resurrection Sunday.  My heart was so full and filled with family festivities of coloring eggs, finding the Easter bunny's surprises, baking yummy treats, hosting my family for Easter lunch, and watching the children delight in an egg hunt.  Celebrating our risen savior at church was especially sweet with both kiddos by our side and I felt like a proud and thankful momma bear with all that God has blessed us with. 

This year has been one filled with challenges.  From selling our house, moving in with inlaws, watching house deals fall through the cracks all while being pregnant, the birth of our precious daughter and times of difficulty as we fumble our way through her FPIES (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome)  I have found myself leaning on HIM more than ever.  I delight in knowing him more and having a deeper appreciation for the greatest love we can know.  Jesus!  Thank goodness I don't have to walk through this life trying to be perfect!  Hallelujah he is King!

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  1. Beautifully stated Elizabeth! Looks like a perfect Easter Sunday!