Monday, March 23, 2015

Don't Let Me Forget

Yesterday was filled with moments I hope to never forget.  
We started the day by enjoying a church service with both wonderful little children sitting in big church.  They were well behaved and happy and I soaked up the moments spent with Henry in my lap.  Goodness he is getting big.  
After church our darling daughter not only took a long nap but she did so in the comfort of my arms.  It warmed my soul to know she was comfortable and at peace enough to have such a deep sleeping rest.  I had a million things on my to do list but lying her in her crib to accomplish anything other than snuggles would have been foolish.  I stared at her fingers, her nose, and those lips, I leaned over and kissed her head at least a dozen times, and I read my bible study holding an angel.  I couldn't think of a more precious and holy way to spend an afternoon.  
At bedtime I walked out of the stillness of Mallie Lynn's nursery with the trail of nightly prayers on my lips into the room of sweet and patient Henry.  Greeting him for our good night ritual I was surprised to find him already asleep.  A creak in the floor gave away my presence and he through open his eyes and arms greeting me with a smile and "Hey mommy!"  I wrapped him in my arms and gave his forehead kisses while he drifted in and out of sleep.  He played with my necklace and snuggled under my chin and I 
Every last drop, until I began to pull away and he once again flashed a grin, pulled up his shirt and requested "will you rub my belly?"  So I rubbed that sweet tummy until his eyes were heavily shut.  I took the deepest breaths of thankfulness as I gently closed his door.  My heart was so full of undeserving love that it spilled happiness with each step I took down the hallway.  

You two are everything.  You are life's treasures.  Gifts from above, and living breathing evidence of our makers love. 

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