Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I'm a little boy mama.

Someone I love dearly is growing up.  I would call him a big boy but lately he corrects me when I say so. 
"I'm a little boy mama!"
Ohhhhh and thank goodness you are.

Becoming a big brother has not come without a few growing pains.  When mommy has needed to tend to Mallie Lynn's needs you have been left to entertain yourself.  It has taught you to enjoy independent play, and to exercise patience.  You have taken it all with grace and charm (and a sprinkling of time outs and tantrums), we could not be more proud of you darling son.

Blanky is still your buddy and recently you have decided to cling to him more than usual.  Over the past two months you have experienced separation anxiety once again.  Tears and sadness have insued anytime we drop you off at school, church, bible study and even with grandparents.  I like to think it's because we are so darn fun to be with, but it's possible that all this big brother business has taken a toll on you.  
You continue to be in love with sports and go from playing basketball, to putting onto your imaginary green on a daily basis.  You love to have us watch you as you pretend to be Devin Booker, Trey Lyles, Karl Anthony Townes, Dekari Johnson, Dominique Hawkins, Marcus Lee, or Poythress, while asking us to pretend to be your coach or referee.  
You are as sweet as pie.  It is apparent in your unsolicited I love you's, the way you care for your sister, the way your ALWAYS say "be careful mommy" when you watch me chop food with a knife.  If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand and five times....You are a delight.  I'm so privileged to be your mommy. 

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