Thursday, February 5, 2015

Snow Fun!

 Saturdays are our favorites; Daddy's home, we get to stay in our pajamas a bit longer, eat a yummy breakfast, and usually sports or some form of fun is involved in the day.  Last week we were given an extra special one when our Saturday was sprinkled with 5 inches of snow. 
We fueled up with chocolate chip pancakes and bacon, grabbed our snowmen supplies and headed outside. 
 The first reaction Henry has when it starts to snow is to ask if he can eat it.  With gloves, hat, and boots strapped on he didn't waste anytime finding ways to get his snow munch on. 
 Little miss saw her first blanket of white.  Our little snow bunny successfully hung out in the cold, and seemed to enjoy it.  Every time we brought her in crying would ensue, yet the moment we stepped back out into winter wonderland she was happy. 
 I may have been a tad bit excited to finally be able to wear our matching hats mom knit us before Christmas. 
 We attempted a snowman but someone thought it was way more exciting to tackle him than build. 
 He simply can't get enough of these snow eating face plants.
Having a little snow play with Gran was an added bonus.
We topped the day off with hot cocoa by the fire and I'm pretty sure he couldn't have been happier about it.   This snow lovin' momma will remember this great winter day for years to come. 
 All in all a snow day success.  One for the books.  
Funny how something so cold can make you feel so warm and happy inside. 

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