Thursday, February 12, 2015

Loving large.

This Valentine's Day my heart feels larger than ever, it's been stretched to places I didn't know it could go. 
Henry Thomas continues to amaze me each day as his personality shows us what a special child he is.
 Life with a little girl is truly sweeter, and Mallie Lynn has proven to me that making your world smaller can often open your eyes to the bigger things. 
Spunky, fun loving, sensitive and animated goes our little Henry.  Trusting, calm, observant, and sweet natured is our sweet Mallie Lynn. 
The affection the two of them have for each other is the sweetest thing I've ever witnessed.  It's honest and true and puts me in a puddle of mush each time I observe it in action.  Their is nothing she loves to watch more than her big brother, but maybe that's because she believes him when he leans down to kiss her and says "ahhhh I love my baby sister."
I am not so naive to think it will always be this sweet.  Yes I know there will fights in their future, feelings hurt, words said that can't be taken back, but through their pains of growing up together I hope they can always dig deep enough to find this simple kind of love.  The one that conquers all......the one that is here without pride, or boasting,  the love that is patient and kind, the one that isn't envious or boastful, nor proud and dishonest.  I pray that they always protect, trust, hope and persevere together, through their love of Christ, and a love for eachother.  
My heart is full this Valentine's day, and they are just the start. 

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