Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Adventures in Snowmageddon.

Waking up to a blanket of white is kind of my winter dream.  
Be careful what you wish for or you could get 10 inches and not leave your house for 5 days.  
*insert smile :) 

Snowmegaddon came with some of the coldest temperatures we've seen in a decade.  So unfortunately snow play was kept mainly to the indoors.  Especially since our little man could barely walk in the stuff.  

So over the course of the week we tried every snow activity we could find.

 We bulldozed the snow.

We painted snow.

We laughed at the snow.

 We ate snow.

 Daddy even stayed home for the first part of Snowmageddon.  He helped tackle our two snow bunnies, build towers, play football, soccer, and shovel 1250lbs. of snow.

We cooked in the snow.

We practiced sitting up in the bumbo without a lean.

Blowing bubbles.

and mean muggin.

 We made snow volcanoes.

 and we made the mistake of tasting them.  baking soda and vinegar aren't his favorite snack.

With a serious winter permafrost still lying on the ground I'm starting to think we leave in Michigan.  This snow loving momma has had her wishes filled, now come on spring!  

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