Sunday, January 25, 2015

Four Months of knowing heaven on earth - Mallie Lynn

Mallie Lynn Estelle, You have quickly morphed from an infant into a beautiful baby.   Your milestones are coming quicker than I remember with your brother and I'm trying to soak them up like rays of sunshine.  Our doctors visits this month proved made everyone happy.  Our pediatrician was so happy to see you smiling and doing well.  He once again praised us for our road on the journey to happy and told you he'd always remember you as their big mystery baby.  He confirmed our thoughts on your ability to hold yourself sitting or laying on your belly, and said you were "stronger than most 4 month olds he sees".  (try not to let it go to your head) :) 
We are so enjoying getting to know you more, understanding when your tired, when your hungry, when you just want to change positions or activities.  We are all so in love with our roll sporting, fuzzy head wearing, blue eyed baby girl.  XOXO Mallie Lynn! 

4 Months brought us: 
Weight: 13.2 lb
Height: 24in long
Feeding: average every 3-4 hours sometimes more often if you cut a feeding short.  (You're easily distracted during feedings and often like to stop, smile, and talk to me) :)

Sleep: Well at night, usually asleep by 9:30pm.  This month you decided sleeping through the night was pretty cool and you did so 80% of the time!  The other 20% usually involved one waking to fuel up and flash us a smile.

Awake: Still a fan of being awake during the day.  We usually get a cat nap out of you in the morning and sometimes an hour in early evening.  My little energizer bunny.

Loves: smiling and wide mouth grins! Mat play time, your toy hootsie wootsie, grabbing toys and blankets, being swaddled, nursing, your brother, listening to music. This Little Piggy. Itsy Bitsy Spider, getting raised in the air, sshhhing to sleep.

Dislikes: gas,  being cold. having your hands touched, being tired, being put to sleep awake, sleeping unswaddled (we tried and you let us know that was a silly idea), being rocked,  oats- we attempted two servings at the advice of the CCH doctor.....that was a disaster and a reminder to us of how blessed we are to no longer hear your screams of pain daily.

Temperament: Still our cool cucumber and eager to show us a smile, or our new fave......laugh! 

Clothing Size: 3 months

New Milestones: Laughs!!!! Best sound ever! Rolled over twice and then decided you didn't need to anymore, Finger chewing and lots of drool, Attempting to sit up in the rock n play or swing. sitting in the bumbo and taking baths in the whale tub (*tear)
We love you darling girl!  

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