Thursday, January 1, 2015

Three months of knowing heaven on earth. - Mallie Lynn

The best is yet to come and baby that's no lie.  Let that be our theme song for your third month of life.  We finally feel like we are getting to know you and my mind is once again blown by the abundant blessings God has bestowed upon us.  You are feeling much better and it shows.  We see you awake with a smile on your face, observing the world around you, as you
listen // watch // smell // touch // your way around.

 It all just makes you want to put on your dancin' pants! 

Your spirit is calm and your soul is gentle, of this I am sure.  You can be content and at peace on your own with eyes wide open upon wakening or falling asleep.  You don't need us to be there to assure you the world is alright; though when you see our faces pop over the crib your body can't hide it's excitement.  Every single time, we are met with a wide mouth grin and gitty arms and legs as you bounce around in the happiest of greetings. You have found your hands and with them a new enjoyment of sitting in your swing or lying on your play mat.  You love to bat at your animals and grab a hold of fingers or play rings.  You are a bookworm like your brother and are completely content sitting on our laps listening to a story when feeling well.    
You are experiencing far less discomfort than before, though we still have a rough period of digestion that finds us at least once every day.   There is still no such thing as a schedule for your life.  Some days you sleep like a teenager, but most you are awake and fully standing at attention 85% of the time.  We have made such progress and are so thankful to see your happier side but are anxious to figure out the entire puzzle.  In this next month we hope to find out what other food(s) could be triggering your intolerance issues. 

Weight: 11.6lb
Height: 21.5in long
Feeding: average every 3-4 hours

Sleep: Well at night, usually asleep by 10:00 and waking once or sleeping through the night.  :) Have I mentioned you're a really good girl? :)

Awake:  Large chunks of awake time during the day, usually mid morning, afternoon, and early evening.  Still not much of a napper though you have your days where you can't help but fall asleep. 

Loves: nursing; this month has brought eating happiness as you pause your eating to give me a big grin.  (kinda makes me teary just to think about)  Your happier and so am I darling girl. 
You adore listening to books, watching your brother dance and sing, seeing mommy or daddy after a little snooze, bath time, miracle blanket. 

Dislikes: gassy belly, being cold. having your hands touched, being tired

Temperament: You my dear are cool as a cucumber.  When your belly is not bothering you seem to not have a care in the world.  Calm, observant, and happy, you are a darling little angel. 

Diaper Size: 1

Clothing Size: 3months 

New Milestones: Large mouth smiles, kung fooing your way out of your swaddle and forcing us to use the miracle blanket.  Sleeping in your crib all night.  Batting at, grabbing objects especially on your play mat. 

We love you darling girl! 


  1. Thank you so much for these great updates. I love reading about what your angels are doing!

    This gorgeous girl is growing in happiness, and it shows. So good to see her smiling face.

    Auntie Sarah

    PS. SarahClaus still has some presents for some good little Coopers!

    1. So glad you are enjoying them. We can't wait to see you soon.