Monday, December 15, 2014

One small step for boy, One giant leap towards manhood.

 So this happened.  The week before Thanksgiving. 
He had been using a potty seat off and on over the summer but had no real interest in taking the plunge.  I heard from everyone that they it would happen when he was ready, but when you have a newborn at home, all of a sudden changing the diaper of a 2.5yr old feels like your changing the diaper of a 25 year old man.  So I bought potty books that I thought might interest him and got him a special potty.  When asked what type of potty he wanted, Thomas the Train, Mickey, Cars?  His response was "a golfer potty".  So a monogrammed golf potty is what he got, but it still didn't do the trick.  
Then one day he initiated it and I ran with it full force.  3 days at home hanging out in his skivvies and we had a big boy. 
It kinda made us want to do a dance. 

 We've had a few accidents here and there but the boy has really rocked it like a champ.  He survived a road trip successfully and using the bathroom at school and church.  So while it was a bit exhausting to go through while wearing/holding a baby I have to say I kind of enjoyed it too.  What a huge step towards being independent and learning a serious life skill.  I will miss his little diapered bum, but not the stuff that it would become filled with.  Congrats big boy, you did it!  

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