Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas in a nutshell.

My favorite time of the year always comes and goes faster than I'd like.  Add two kids and a calendar that put 4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas and you've got the quickest holiday season evah' !  While being faster than any I can remember it will also be written in our history books as the sweetest.  Henry's age provided him a true grasp of the magic Christmas provides and sweet Mallie Lynn was the best gift imaginable.  
My favorite moments of the season involved flannel pajamas / hot chocolate / advent stories / watching Henry meet Santa and Olaf /gift wrapping / family movie night / baking cookies with my little elves / shopping for an Angel tree child as a family / singing and dancing to Christmas music / watching the excitement grow in Henry as he understood more and more the magic that Christmas holds. 

A meeting with the big man.

A sweet gathering at Nana's

A comfy cozy Christmas at my parents.

My favorite night of the year, Christmas Eve; when all the world stops and our big loving family comes together for an always heart warming celebration.  Thank you Jesus.  
These two sweet little gifts are more than I could have ever dreamed of asking Santa for. 

Then there was the magic of Christmas morning.  The kind of magic where your two year old sleeps till an unheard of 9:00 and your newborn sleeps till 8:00.  The kind of magic that's wrapped in peace, quiet, twinkling lights, a cup of coffee and topped with a two year old so genuinely thrilled for Santa's arrival he couldn't stand it. 

We enjoyed a relaxed morning playing with our gifts, eating a yummy allergen free breakfast casserole and simply unwinding before heading to the Cooper's for a continuation of the celebration.  

As I look back at this holiday season I can hardly believe we are now a family of 4 celebrating life together.  This Christmas had moments I will cling to  until I am no longer able to hold a memory in my head.  The one that will forever stand out to me will be the day I decided to ask Henry questions about Christmas.  
Are you excited about Santa?  "YES!"
What does Santa do? "He rides in his sleigh.  He goes to all the houses on their roof."  
How does he get there?  "The reindeer all fly for him and then he brings boys and girls and lots of them presents."

What do you like best about Christmas? "Jesus, telling Jesus Happy Birthday." 

There you have it folks.  The reason for the season from the mind of a two year old.  May you always believe in the unseen my sweet boy. 

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