Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things That Are Scary When Your Husband is Away.

This past week I had to spend four days without my fabulous husband.  As he headed to Auburn for a bachelor party, I held the fort down here with our little furry friend.
I got some work done around the house, worked on grad school, worked out, and visited with family/friends. 

But let me tell you something, things get creepy when he is away.  Like wolf howling, fog settling in the dark, walking through a graveyard by yourself scary!  Our scariest moments include, but are not limited to:
A little dog, who is not always as sweet as he looks.  A loud bark in the middle of the night is quite frightening.  You might start thinking thoughts like, "What did he hear?"
"Wait, did I hear something too?"
 "Oh my, a serial killer is in my home and all I have to protect myself is a body pillow!"
Taking a shower can be incredibly spooky.  Especially when you hear a huge crash so nearby your sure an intruder is in your home.  Yes, that might just put you and the dog on edge so much that you walk through the house with suds in your hair, armed with a decorative ore.  
  You might find later that a can of shaving cream fell onto the tile,  eh hmmm (creating a noise).  :) 

Always enter a room with the lights on.

Body pillows can look very much like a human waiting to attack you in your bed.
As we know taking a shower can be a frightening task when home alone.  It is also frightening to get out of the shower only to realize you left the back door wide open.....hmmm This calls for another walk through the house with a decorative boat ore and a husband on the phone. 
I'm sure it doesn't help that I watch way to many Dateline mysteries for me own good. 

Thank goodness he's back!  :) 

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  1. This was fun to read because my husband travels a lot and I do everything that you mentioned above. Makes me feel better I am not the only one! It feels SO much better when they get home!