Wednesday, April 5, 2017

5 years of knowing heaven on earth - HTC

Next time someone asks how old my children are I'm going to be swallowing a lump in my throat.  
F I V E  our first born, baby boy, Henry boo has hit a big age milestone.  He's been so excited for this birthday in the cutest of ways.  He told his bible study teachers how big he was going to be once he turned five, asked us if he would be able to run faster, and has picked up a new big boy attitude about life that he must also think comes with being five.  
This past year has brought out a whole different side to our little man and we have watched him become deeply engrossed by anything and everything BOY.  He became extremely interested in all things super hero, Star Wars, fighting, wrestling, climbing trees,  saying butt, toot, or poop just for giggles, and anything that has to do with his daddy.  He loves the idea of hanging out with "just the boys" while us girls go on and do something different.  His love of sports has only grown more and continues to be in a rotating pattern of whatever sport is in season.  
He has learned to love going to school which has not always been easy.  He adores his buddies and talks about games, pranks, and laughs they have together.  The playground may be the highlight of his sweet day but his ability to tell me about Picasso's blue period, or to recite his Bible memory verses tells me he is secretly learning a lot while he is away.  We are excited for all the ways we've watched him grow this year.

Speaking of growth his legs keep getting longer and that waist is staying tiny which means this mama is thankful for shorts weather so we don't have the continued challenge of finding pants that fit.  He had a big milestone the week before his birthday when he lost his first tooth.  It was an exciting moment for him but was yet another reminder to me of how big he is really becoming, and tooth number two and three aren't far behind.

Of course as his mama, raising this boy is my everyday and the vision of my sweet little boy is sometimes blurred by the everyday struggles of growing up, learning to share, not to hit, lie, or name call; but this guy is truly the best and I'm so thankful for the privilege of being his mama.  Though he has slowly grown out of some of the sweet baby stages it makes those times where he asks to cuddle that much sweeter.  He makes my heart burst with love when he spontaneously pays me a compliment or talks about how cute or sweet his sister is.  Lately he has found pleasure in picking flowers for me to wear in my hair and explained that "your beautiful all the time even without a flower, or a dress, like when you have your pajamas on."  I melt.  When he tells me I'm the best or gets excited to take a ride to anywhere just he and I and tells me it's special to just be the two of us, I melt.  He wrapped me around his finger the moment I met him, I loved him more than my heart knew was possible, and it's grown each day since.  

Every stage of Henry, is a wondrous slice of heaven.  Though our challenges and rewards at this stage are different from what they were five years ago; I sweetly look forward to knowing him as a big boy and watching how he brightens our world in this season.  Oh the love we have for you is beyond words my dear.

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