Friday, March 3, 2017

Life Lately

Our little loves have been quite the charmers lately and having more fun together than ever.  There's still a good amount of fussing between them but they really do love each others company.  I love nothing more than to catch them quietly making messes together, hiding from me, or watching them turn on music to have a dance party.  
Mallie Lynn has continued to try to be our mini dog whisperer and I will be so happy when the chewing puppy phase is over and the two of them are just best buds.  
Our warm winter has meant there's been plenty of sports play continuing around our house.  
We've enjoyed a few Granny and Pepaw visits.
We struggled to nap and then little gal found a love for sleep once more. 
and sometimes sports and being a boy can get to a little one too.  
When Mallie Lynn returned to napping she also brought back an old favorite, sleeping like a librarian.
We made fake snow play happen since we have yet to use our snowsuits this winter.  
Mallie Lynn and I had a fun little treat as we experienced build a bear for the first time.  She was so overwhelmed and really had a tough time making a decision.  She was immediately drawn to every super hero/Star Wars outfit and eventually we settled on a puppy in pajamas (little boy pajamas)  but mommy managed to throw a few bows in her fur.  She loves her brother so much and sure wants to be just like him.  
The kiddos had a visit from Auntie Sarah and she taught them how to draw a pony.  
This little peanut stole my snacks and my heart more than once.  
Superhero's have invaded our home and grocery stores near by, and we discovered that the dark side has a weakness in popcorn.
Joy was found in a new jacket when we went for a walk in the drizzle, Mallie Lynn wanted her hood up when she exclaimed "it's gowna wain on my hayed!"
I enjoyed conversations with my boy after a long day at preschool.
We celebrated Miss Reagan turning 5 with a knight and princess birthday party.  
B and I celebrated VDAY and our 10 year engagement anniversary with a night out to dinner and dessert.  
I could hardly believe my eyes as I sat down with Henry and watched him write out Valentine's to all of his school friends.  

B and I enjoyed showing the kiddos a little extra love with treats and a trip to build a bear.  Henry had been begging to go after Malie Lynn brought home her puppy.  It was a sweet day for our fam.  
I loved helping with Henry's class party and watching him play with his buddy's  
Henry had more big fun when he dressed like his 100 year old self for school.  
Henry Boo and I had a discovered the patience and excitement of puzzles with his first 100 piece.  
February 2017 and we started yard work for the season.  Little miss was more than happy to help and I got excited to think of planting flowers and veggies with her this year.  
Our big girl has grown into a comfy place in her class and has been so lively each day at pick up telling me about her friends and activities she enjoyed, what a praise!
Ruby Sue got treated to her first princess puppy cut and looked like the sweetest thing ever.  
So happy it's Friday family movie night, Saturday morning breakfast together and Sunday family worship.  Yay for the weekend.

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