Sunday, April 23, 2017

Growing Up and Growing Out

This little blessing has been growing in so many ways and has officially given us 2.5 years of sweetness.  She has been a beauty from the start and we are finding her loving heart is so full of gumption, spunk, and sincerity we can't help but love her more each day.  
As you know her journey started out with a challenge.  Having spent much of her first 10 months of life in discomfort from food intolerances Mallie Lynn gave us much to pray for.  We were hopeful that the day would come sooner than later that she would outgrow them and be able to eat normally but also prepared ourselves for the possibility that it would be much longer.  She began eating solids around 13 months and slowly but surely we added one food at a time into her diet.  
 She began to understand certain things hurt her belly, struggled with food aversions, texture issues, and maybe the worst wanting foods around her she simply could not have.  We all adapted to the lifestyle any food allergy family does, caution.  Thinking ahead and planning snacks, meals, or special treats whenever we left the house.  Trying to make a sweet dessert for her to partake in at birthday parties instead of cake or ice cream, and packing coolers of food and special milk for her when we went on any sort of trip.  
 Early this spring we were released from Cincinnati Children's and began a month long dairy trial.  It began with uncertainty and what we thought was most certainly signs of a fail, but God opened the door for healing and she walked right through.  This girl is now a dairy eater my friends!!!
Slowly adding in more and more was a definite test of trust and we prayed each time that it would work, and it did.  She has delighted in eating "Henry cheese" shhhhhh so much, maybe more than anything else because it's just like her brother's.  She has enjoyed regular ice cream, had her first milk shake, root beer float, and eaten cake and cupcakes just like every other child at birthday parties.  I can not tell you how sweet it has been to watch her fall in love with new foods.  She has sometimes done a double take over how good something is, and appreciates her ability eat more than I could have imagined.  
It has changed our lifestyle and opened up my world of cooking again.  Our family has been doing a lot more eating out too.  Going to a restaurant spur of the moment without having to go home and grab or make a meal for her is a blessing I hope I never take for granted.    
 This silly fun loving gal is growing up and grown out of all but straight soy and we thank God for this huge blessing!  So instead of focusing on food lately we have focused on learning to ride her brother's balance bike, taking swim lessons, and racing her brother.  
 Grow Mallie Lynn Grow!!!  Just do it slow enough for me to soak in these moments I hold so dear.  You're certainly our sunshine girl and we love you more than you'll ever know.  

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  1. This is so wonderful I felt like tearing up!!! Yay ML! I'm so happy for her (and for your family!)