Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Seacrest Vacation - part 2


 The 2nd half of vacay looked like what would happen if a monsoon and a hurricane got married.  We had high winds, high waters (enough to flood the streets) and deflated spirits......For a few moments.  It was a little sad to have driven all that way with little ones and not get as much beach time as we wanted.  But we couldn't have had better company and I would definitely say we all made the most of the situation.  Getting out when we could, making the fun come to us.  Vacation is vacation after all! 
So we played in the rain and let little feet splash in salty puddles. 
We celebrated the 4th with as much fanfare as we could muster - the fireworks.
 We flew our flags in the 70 mph winds, and smiled about it.

 In these rainy times we had to stick together.

 We made a pool on our covered deck for the boys to play in after being cooped in the house for too long.

 Oh dear beach we loved you so, we hated that we had to go. The next time that our feet meet your sandy grains we hope that the weather's not the same.  In our dreams we'll think of you, in hopes we will arrive again soon. 

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