Tuesday, August 6, 2013

and then there was 30 - part 2 floating

There's a place that I love that I once called home and I knew I wanted to spend my big day soaking it up and just living.  Being around my sweet family and the two people who brought me into this world sounded like the perfect way to say greet my thirties. 
Yes this is my happy place.
 Where the morning greets you with a peaceful blanket of fog.  You suddenly become thankful that your little one wakes you up early enough to watch the sunrise from bed. 
Where breakfast is eaten outside watching fish jump and ducks fly. 
Where morning activities include feeding geese and ducks in your pj's.
 Where dinner is eaten somewhere other than the kitchen table.
 Where time with family is 100%. 
 Where little boys are introduced to their first ice cream cone. 

Where you can spend the whole day floating in the water with a sweet baby boy getting matching pruny toes. 
 goodness.  have more beautiful eyes ever been seen?
 Where a little birthday lantern lighting brings a sense of child like wonder to everyone's eyes.  Gazing up in the sky as we watched it float away and then extending that gaze into the vast darkness specked with tiny lights.  Tempting and calling for some top deck views where we hunted for falling stars.  
 This birthday couldn't have been better, and there is no where I would have rather been than with my friends and family enjoying the things I love.  I don't know what I had pictured for my life at 30 but whatever it was it couldn't top this place I'm in.  These seem like the moments in life that you look back on with a missing and joyful heart.  God is blessing me more than I deserve, and I'm keenly aware of this gift of life.  #thankful

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