Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Foto Reel - 61

This past week we brought the heat indoors as we experienced 5 days without AC.  So we spent a lot of time looking at this baby trying to stay cool in his diaper.  Which is never a bad thing to have to look at.  
He found a new obsession with feeding his stuffed animals.  
We tried to stay outside as much as possible to at least catch a breeze or splash around in some water. 

He made a milestone discovery when he found the candy drawer at Granny and Pepaw's house.  For 30 years that little drawer has been pawed at by little fingers prying their way inside for a whiff of chocolate covered raisins or the taste of a orange truffle.  He didn't get a taste of the goods just yet but he was certainly excited to show off the loot! 

We enjoyed our daily "bike ride" earlier in the morning so that we would miss the hotter parts of the day. 
After spending a small fortune on a new heat and air unit we are thankfully back to living comfortable in our home.  I feel blessed to have AC in my home and feel privileged to live in a country where this is a normal creature comfort. 

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