Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fly Boy

We found the perfect spot one day for a little boy to play.  Whenever the sound of a plane's roaring engine enters your ears a curious gaze always lifts towards the sky.  With a point of the finger and a shout of the voice "pane" you say, making sure we can see.  "Bye-Bye" as it soars out of sight.  
So hanging out at the airport just seemed natural to you.  
What a treasure trove of boy delights we found. 
Large "tucks" running from one hanger to the next.  Planes big and small taxing and taking off. 
You stood in amazement and smiled at me letting me know you liked this place, we should do this again some time.  The magnetic force that pulls a little boy towards things that GO is strong one. 

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