Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Mallie Lynn's 1st day of school....Evah! PreK3

See this smile?  This smile is to remind you I'm ready for this big day!  No matter what hesitations you may be having mom you're doing the right thing, I promise!  
I've wanted to go to school for a good year now as I watched Henry go and have fun.  I've wanted a special backpack and lunchbox all my own and have talked about it for a few months too.  
I love to play and make new friends and learning new things always excites me!

Last night we put this girl to bed excited as she could be.  If you can't tell by that grin she was proud to read a book like Henry and talk about her impending 1st EVER day of school.  
Henry sweetly prayed "God please give Mallie Lynn comfort tomorrow, and God help her to make lots of new friends."  

I know I look small, and I'm your little princess and all, but Mama I promise I've got this!  It's going to be a great day, and you'll probably cry more than I will!  
 What do you mean your thinking about just keeping me home?   That's silly!  Henry went to PreK 3 and I want to go too!  I mean I'm almost three!
 Plus, as spunky and confident as I am I'll probably be more ready than any of my friends who have already turned 3.  I'll be sure to make new friends and will probably make them laugh a lot.  

 Mama, seriously it's all going to be ok, don't ask me again if I'm excited because I think we've already gone over this.....
 So let's get going, I don't wanna be late!  I know I'm your baby girl and this is tough for you but this won't make me grow any quicker it will just let me spread my wings a bit.  
 I'll give you kisses before we part ways and it's going to be a "willy awwwesome" day.

 Eeeeeek my backpack and lunchbox oh my!!!!  This is what I've been waiting for!!!!!
 Last year I swore she would have walked into Henry's class with him and stayed if I let her so it seemed only natural to sign her up for PreK 3 this year.  Henry had started a program 2 days a week when he was three and it had been really great for him, though looking back I realized at that age he was still such a baby!  So I was caught off surprise the past few weeks when I began to second guess my decision.   All of a sudden my thoughts surrounded the fact that she is our baby girl, and well, she's not quite even 3 yet.  Though she is emotionally mature and such a confident soul, I questioned why on earth I wouldn't just keep her at home with me!!?  I mean, we have soon much fun together even if it's just a trip to the grocery.  
Today came in a rapid fashion and ya know what?  Mallie Lynn was right, she was more ready than I could have imagined.  
She walked right into her classroom, found a spot to hang her backpack, made SURE I had her lunchbox and walked straight to her table.  She said Hi to her teacher and then began exploring her room in an excited fashion.  

She had talked about all the toys she couldn't wait to play with since our visit day last week and her eagerness showed.  So mesmerized by the train table was she that she barely even looked at me when she gave me a goodbye kiss, (at my request).  I slinked out of the room and stood in the doorway waiting for her to look for me, to freak out, to want to wave goodbye.  As I walked out into a thunderstorm that had my shoes swimming through the parking lot, my face began to resemble the rain drops running down my car.  Then I remembered, this is what we had hoped and prayed for her, that she would be confident and comforted and have a wonderful day.  So I gave God thanks and continued to cry my way home.  I think I'll be letting the teachers know mini boxes of kleenex might not be such a bad thing to pass out to mommy's that first day.  :)  
Keeping with family tradition I prepared warm cookies for her to come home to on this very special first day.  I had a wonderful helper too who couldn't stop talking about how he hoped she didn't cry.  
 So how was her day?  She shed zero tears, walked out with a smile and a sucker and made sure I had her lunchbox and water bottle before we pulled out of the parking lot.  She chatted the whole way home about what toys she played with and how she sat by a friend named Henry and ate "fishgolds" for snack time.  :)  This girl was ready, and almost seemed puzzled as to why Henry and I made such a fuss over her being a big girl.  PreK 3 I hope you're ready for this spunky, sweet ray of sunshine.

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