Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas Morning Joy.

The anticipation, excitement, and surprise that all come together Christmas morning are so perfect through the eyes of a child.  I'm thankful that feeling is contagious to the blessed adults who get to watch it all unfold.    
 Seeing just what you asked for sitting in your living room and dying to rip into it and play would make anyone gitty.
The only thing this sweet girl asked for all year was a Daniel Tiger set she had spotted in Target.  It's what she told Santa about (from the other end of the room) and it's what popped out of her mouth every time she was asked the question; What do you want for Christmas?  She was so happy to see him and his neighborhood friends and went to playing with them right away.
Lining them up in an orderly fashion along with her new doll clearly made her pleased as punch.    
We parents have the privilege of taking a step back in time as we build toys and play like we are kids again.  The joy and excitement that fills our kids eyes and hearts is hard to beat and it's something I've been so happy to enjoy for the last 5 Christmas'.  
One of my favorite gifts to give this Christmas was to Mallie Lynn.  My dad made a doll cradle for me as a little girl and let me pass it on to her this year.  I painted it white to freshen it up and my mom made a new mattress, blanket, and pillow for her dolls.  Passing the joy is such a gift.
 Next year I need to remember that empty boxes and bags are almost as fun as ones filled with toys.  They can become places for real live super heroes or Jedi's to explore.
The best sound of Christmas morning came from Henry as he battled his dad with his new light saber.  With a big grin across his face he very slowly and calmly said "I feel like I"m dreaming!"
Isn't that just what the day should feel like to a child?  

Someone decided to help finish off the cookies Santa didn't swallow.  

We enjoyed the Star from Afar game for the first time this year and the kids were excited to move the wise men to where baby Jesus lay.  
Stockings filled for two kids who love gummies, chocolate, chapstick and candy canes made for a few smiles.  Mallie Lynn remembered that even through her tears Santa managed to hand her a candy cane when we visited.  She loved that he put them in her stocking too.  
This year it hit me a bit different thought as I've been able to redirect my thinking.  The magic found on Christmas morning is nothing in comparison to the joy our Lord has for us.  Celebrating with him in mind and the realization of what the "gift of Jesus" truly means brings a gratitude and happiness to  my heart I will never be able to express.  
We started a new tradition of singing Happy Birthday to Jesus, saying a prayer, and enjoying a slow Christmas morning breakfast.  We were blessed to find a cinnamon roll not homemade but from Annie's that is soy and dairy free.  Our sweet kiddos enjoyed the fun of celebrating our saviors birth.  

The morning brought memories that will bring 
smiles to our faces for a lifetime.  I am so thankful for this family of mine and the ability to celebrate true Christmas with them.  

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