Friday, May 20, 2016

Bye Bye Pre-K3

I've said it before and I'll say it again; nothing helps measure time like having a child.  As an infant you can see the changes daily and it is almost too mind blowing to understand.  Growing at exponential rates and hitting milestones every week; we are gifted with the reminder that truly every second is precious in this life.  Of course the exhaustion of it all and our desire to make every moment perfect for them leaves those first weeks/months clouded in a fog of mixed memories.  Thank goodness for cameras!  
Somewhere along the way we forget how quickly time is zooming past our faces; our awareness of it all comes in moments, milestones, and looking back at what once was.  Living with the transformation of a little boy is often a bumpy ride.  It was a year for growth both mentally and physically, and in some moments parenting is just down right tough.  Henry is such a wonderful child.  Well behaved, kind, smart, creative, and loving, yet he was still three and that sometimes means you have to sit your cute little tooshie on the steps and cry for a bit. 
I can say I'm sad to see what he was at the beginning of his school year and know those days are gone.  His rounded cheeks and legs have been chiseled away and what remains is now our handsome lanky little boy.  He is also at a point in development where you can see just what he will look like when he's grown.  What a handsome young man he will be.  With the physical growth comes maturity, we no longer throw tantrums, get less upset about the small things, and have learned to gently (for the most part) love and play with his sister.  His rough, fast paced all boy instincts are in full swing, making waves of screams and laughter around our house.  


Someone sure looks up to him around here.  In everything he does she wants to follow, and I honestly can't think of a better role model.  
I'm happy to see him come out of his shell at school too.  From beginning to end he has learned to talk and play with others and have conversations with his teachers, no longer super shy.  He has become more independent, and has learned to follow school tasks with ease.  When asked what he liked most about school this year he said "all of it" and "I'm gonna miss it"; which makes my teacher heart smile.  Next year we will begin a new phase as we transfer to the preschool he will attend housed in his new elementary school.  I'm excited for him to begin this new chapter, but even more excited for summer.  I plan to set the world aside and just enjoy this stage.  We are so excited for a slower pace, trips to the pool, movie nights, reading outside, catching bugs, digging a garden, morning cuddles, and most of all just being in the moment.  I feel so blessed to be his mommy and pray that I can help him grow into the best young man he can be with a heart that loves others, but most importantly loves Christ.  

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