Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ode to Henry

Three and a half and growing into a little boy more and more each day.   We have seen such delight in every stage sweet Henry has brought us.  I wish my life had a reality tv crew following us so that I could capture all the hilarious moments he brings us.  Of course that would also mean they would capture those moments when he infuriates me to the the point of walking out of the room, pressing my back to the wall, and praying .  Our once cautious, calm, child who had "the judge" as his nickname, has been hit with a bolt of lightning.  His energy level and "wild man mode" has been turned up to levels unexplored before.  Our house is filled with running, screams, theatrical performances by bad pirates, and tackling.....LOTS of tackling.  Which brings me to his number one reason for time outs these days, treating his baby sister like she's a quarterback that needs sacked.  The words "be gentle" can be heard rolling off my lips about 546 times a day.
Amid all the high energy we see there are also sweet calm moments that I cherish so much.  The days he wakes up and asks for a morning snuggle in bed melt my heart to the floor.  The most precious times of all come when he shows his pure and genuine love for us or Mallie Lynn.  Claiming she is the "cutest baby ever!" or sweetly giving her a hug, pat, or kiss are all the times I watch and hope that this relationship between them is building into something beautiful that will last a lifetime.

Though Henry is acting more and more like a big boy leaving pull ups behind, using big boy forks and glasses, and dressing himself.  I smile ear to ear everytime I hear him say things like
"I'm gonna say my sorry."  or "printzels", or "Oappeymeal"  I hang onto the fact that he is still my baby boy.  His sense of humor is quite apparent too.
Talking about his music teacher; "her name is Miss Jennifer but she doesn't have any fur."
"My belly feels like morning inside, it's what it feels like every morning." "How do you have such a good remembery?"

Thank you for making each day so wonderfully crazy, full of life, and full of love.  You're some kind of wonderful Henry Thomas.

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