Saturday, December 19, 2015

Giving Thanks 2015

I have never been more thankful than I am this year.  The last 12 months were a journey getting ML to a happy healthy place. THANKFUL  I've watched people I love deal with wretched cancer trying to steal the joy of childhood.   I've felt the ripples of divorce travel under the feet of my family.  All the while I've had God's hand on my heart.  As life deals out cards I'm adding more heavenly knowledge to my bookshelf.  It makes me strive for more, and if nothing else it makes me aware of the fact that I want to keep my eyes on Him through all things.  In this current season I am overwhelmed at the life I have been given and the goodness surrounding me. 

This year we stayed in town for our turkey feast and gathered with the Cooper's for cooking, laughs, Macy's day parade watching, and broke out Daddy and uncle Chris' old Star Wars toys.  It was a super fun filled yet relaxed day. 

 Memories of watching the parade growing up came flooding back to me this year.  Henry was completely mesmerized by the entire thing while miss priss ran around and showed us she's ready to be a star in it. 
 This year I had so much to be thankful for but most especially food.  Food I could eat, foods Mallie Lynn could eat, and the health that comes with it all.  Let's just say I am packing on a little holiday weight this year and I'm not even upset about it. 
 A super warm Thanksgiving day means you play baseball outside. 
 Later in the evening we made a stop at my family's Thanksgiving who were celebrating here in town.  It was so wonderful as usual to be in the same room with all my amazing aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. 

      Love my crew!!!

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