Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Henry the Great

 I could hang out with you in a tree for ages dear boy.  I've said it before and I'll say it a million more, you just get better every day.  Your truly a little boy now and seem to be going on 20 instead of 3.  You have stepped into the role of big brother with such grace I can hardly believe it.  You are loving and affectionate, patient and thoughtful when it comes to your little "Malla" as you affectionately call her.
 You are a little comedian and keep us laughing every day.  As your vocabulary and understanding of the world grows the more we see your personality shine.  Your adore sports of all kinds and have spent the last few months in our new home playing golf on your "golf course", running football plays around our living room, and hitting balls out of the park as you slide on the floor for a home run.  You tend to be obsessed with whatever sport is in season.  You pretend to be Rory Mckilroy, Jordan Speith, Joey Votto, Tony Romo, and now with the start of basketball season you have about 10 personalities that come out while swishing the net.  From Karl Anthony Townes to Dominique Hawkins there isn't a player you don't know and love. 
You've grown into a little love bug and your unsolicited affection brings joy to our hearts.  We enjoy you immensley and you are a bright spot in every day. I love to have you catch me off guard with the clever little lines you come up with.  Bringing your banana to me and singing "peel it up, peel it up" to the tune of Taylor Swifts Shake it off I can't help but chuckle on the daily. 
 Life has been so busy lately as we moved into a new home and welcomed your sister into the world.  It makes me a bit sad that I haven't had the time to document moments with you. 
I love the big brother you've become.  I love your gentle heart, your sensitive soul, your independence, and imagination. 
You love music and pretend to play every instrument under the sun.  After attending a football game you became obsessed with the band and can often be found marching and playing a drum, trumpet, or cymbals. 
One of your favorite activities is listening to music and you request your special playlist at LEAST once a day.  Your list of loves lately include: Thomas the Train soundtrack, Tomorrow, Hard Knock Life (yeah not the Jay-z version), Ring of Fire, Walk the Line,  Hall of Fame (a song you heard on a commercial with Rory McKilroy), and your all time favorite (listen to it 8 times in a row kinda fave) Jolly Mon by Jimmy Buffet.  Jolly Mon also happens to be your favorite book, and we read this lengthy tale of pirates and islands so often that you have literally memorized almost every word.  This has sparked a fascination with pirates, guitars, and the ocean.

My favorite, don't wanna forget Henry moments and sayings of late:
  • "Breaksfist" for breakfast
  • "Gouwls" for girls
  • "When I grow up"...........I'll fly a jet and go very high in the sky, I'll get to have bubblegum, I'll get to use a big boy fork.  
  • Raising your shirt to show us where your food has gone, no matter if we are in public or at home.  
  • "Daddy, is your food in your hairy belly?  "  
  • "So......, So it goes like this" as you precede to give us a detailed story on how to do something.  
  • "This is my favorite ____ of all"
  • The oldie but goodie "Let me show you.'
  • "When I was a little boy".......I use to play with that toy, drink chocolate milk, sit in that chair.
  • "Come here guys, come here" as you bring your arms around your daddy and I for a group hug. 
  • Your need for routine and the fact that your nightly ritual now includes having me tickle your back and sing to you.  My heart melts to hear you make the request each and every night.  
  • Lately I've been checking on you in the middle of the night as I get up with your sister to make sure your covered and snuggly.  I have on occassion found you sleeping like you did as a baby, curled up like a ball with your rump in the air.  *ahhhh I swoon.  

Oh the places you'll go sweet boy, and I want to be there for all of it. 

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