Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hello Summer, Where have you gone?

What do you mean summer's coming to an end?  

This summer has been a busy blur.  more so than any I can remember.  With us constantly searching for a place to live to finally finding a house and moving this momma (of almost 2) has had very little time to blog.  So I'm trying to catch up and deliver a summer review in pictures.....
We've had a great time along the way from dancing in the rain.........
Enjoying his first ice cream cone was a success. 
 The only place I can lay on my belly....ahhhhhh and floating with this little cutie isn't bad! 
We can't believe Elise turned 5 but we sure had fun celebrating her! 
 We celebrated his buddy Lock finding out he would be having a little sister too! 

We were all pretty pleased to finally find a home!  Henry has given it his seal of approval too. 

We had fun getting messy....and fun cleaning up too. 

Lots of basketball, baseball and golf have been played. 
One of my favorite little mornings was spent taking Henry to Winchells for his first experience with the amazing blue and white pancake.  
Of course we celebrated National Doughnut Day as a family.  :)
 Days spent being 100% boy with our wonderful group of little guys we've been so blessed to be surrounded with.

 In this busy time we have experienced I have savored these moments.  Small frozen portions of time where my growing boy and I have been able to enjoy life, in forms I never knew before this little one.  Lunch stops at random construction sites. 
 A Friday night spent playing family putt putt. 
 Laughing at flying dirt. 
 Homemade popsicles that bring squeals of delight, shaking legs and arms, and smiles from ear to ear. 
Overcoming the fear of the whale slide.

A little boys big imagination.
 Watching his eyes light up and dreams come true as we headed up to Cincy to attend his first Reds game.  (more to come on that soon)
The summer has flown by in a way I couldn't have imagined.  Life is fast and wonderful but when you pack this many big changes into one small period of time it goes at lightning speed.  I'm ready to slow down.  I'm ready to bring a new baby home, who will give us a reason and excuse to say no to busy and yes to boring.  Boring sounds nice.  :)  


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