Saturday, January 12, 2019

Ford's First Steps - 15 months loved

Our little cruiser went full on mobile last week.  I looked up to see our little guy slowly, yet confidently walking across the living room and excitement filled the air.  Maybe it was our applause, or maybe it was the moment he had been working toward for so long, but the little guy wouldn't stop!
for 15 minutes straight he walked and would stumble but get right back up on his own!

The way he carried himself, strutting like a proud peacock, made it one of the cutest first steps I've ever witnessed.  Oh sweet Fordy you made your audience squeal with delight at the sight of you walking around on your own.

I must admit I felt a tad bit sad, thinking I may not see you scoot around any longer.  However, you've decided that scooting is far quicker, and so for now, you move around with a combination of both.  I'm soaking up every bit of this time, watching you explore and grow your world in a new way.  You are so very loved sweet boy.
15 Months Brought Us

20 Lbs
Almost out of size 3 diapers
size 12 month clothes

Says: uh oh for any mess or drop
Has said mama a handful of times
Says dada sometimes
Says uh uh (no)
Says Bababbaba for everything else.  
Ball is Baba whether it's football or basketball

  • Started putting head back with an open mouth to laugh (and make us laugh).
  • Points and thrusts his body forward when being held to tell us where he wants to go.
  • Sticks foot out when he sees his socks or shoes to help us put them on. 
  • Brings us shoes when we are getting ready to leave.
  • Became obsessed with opening kitchen cabinets, especially getting out cooking utensils. 
  • Getting out the tea kettle and scooting around the house with it is a favorite activity, behind...
  • The vacuum, Roomba, or dust buster, all of which he loves to grab a hold of when on and push around the house.  When we finally turn them off one of the cleaning machines there will almost always be tears.  
  • Became aware of Alexa and gets super excited when you say the name, turns to look at it and claps. (In hopes of music coming on)
  • A dancing machine was born and his signature windmill move has become a fan favorite in our house. 
  • Sleeping with his hands behind his head is a guarantee when he is super out of it and comfortable.  One of the cutest little things ever!
  • two molars and two on the way = no sleep and lots of ibuprofen
15 months has brought more laughs, love, and entertainment than before and we are sure thankful for this easy going little man we call Ford. 

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