Sunday, October 21, 2018

This is the Greatest Girl

We had so much fun celebrating our "big girl" turning 4.  Her Greatest Showman theme dreams came true and I think we all enjoyed eating the circus food fare.  Though the rain kept us all inside for the day, our sunshine girl was all we really needed anyway.  Blessed with the sweetest family and friends we wished her a big happy day!
This is the Greatest Girl!

The BEST part of the day was singing to her.  She had been so excited to turn 4, and talked about it for weeks!  The night before her party, she told us she made up a new song. 
"Happy Birthday to you, BIRTHDAY!"
Happy Birthday to you, BIRTHDAY!
Happy Birthday Mallie Lynn.
Happy Birthday to you, CAKE!!!!!!"
So of course we all gathered around and sang this new sweet version, and watched her huff, puff, and huff some more, before blowing out her candles.  
Little miss queen of world, we love you so.  I'm so happy for you that you turned 4, that you feel bigger and older, and of course a little wiser.  But, just so you know, you will always be our baby girl.  

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