Tuesday, June 12, 2018

8 months of Knowing Heaven on Earth

Eight is great!  This next month is going to be filled with finding your personality and hearing you laugh more, I can feel it! 

Our life has been busy wrapping up school and keeping up with big brother's T-ball and sisters dance class, and taking a family vacation to the beach.  For the most part you ride along with the busyness just fine and are happy just to be hanging out with us no matter where we are.
 Hey Guys!  Look at this accomplishment!!
 I'm pretty proud of these ab muscles right here!  
 I mean look at this core strength holding this handsome head up.  
 Oh guys!  Stop it with the compliments already, you're making me blush!!!!
 Wait, have you seen these quads though?  Strong, yet flexible, all the other babies are jealous.  
 How about a nice round of applause for this 8th month of love!!!
 Alright, alright, now that's enough!  I mean, it just gets awkward when you all go on raving for that long!  Shew!
 Anybody else excited for summer???
 All this warm weather means a lot more baby skin sightings in our future!
 My futures so bright, I need shades. 

7 months brought us: 
Weight 15.14lb 
Moving on up!  Size 3 diapers
 9 or 6-12 month clothes
 Loves- holding your feet, clapping, sitting, SMILING, Being held/carried around, nursing, sleeping during car rides, your family, being outside, bath time and splashing in the water, playing with crinkle paper/plastic, singing songs like pat-a-cake, row your boat, twinkle twinkle, wooden teethers and chewing on carrots, being held to sleep, reading books.

Sleep: The sleep saga continues.  :)  More teeth, bad eczema flare ups, and having a tummy that loves to eat we somehow still wake up every 3 hrs....sometimes more, and rarely less.  
You started sleeping with a Zippadeezip and liked having the freedom but we quickly moved to arms out so that you wouldn't rub so much on your eczema with the fabric.  

Feeding: You still love to nurse every 3hrs around the clock.  We have continued to attempt solids but learned you still have your tongue thrust reflex which is why you won't swallow anything.  We are attempting it daily but you begin to get frustrated pretty quickly.  We've also tried some baby led weaning and letting you play with food; so far you are pretty good at making messes.  :) As much excitement as you show when you see food, I hope you get to enjoy a little bite soon!  In the meantime I'm thankful God's providing my body with enough food to supply your current needs.  

Awake: We are starting to see a couple naps daily and I think we are onto a routine of sorts!  You are grabbing for everything which makes holding you more interesting for lots of activities.  You still love the exersaucer, jumparoo, floor play is still usually you lying on your back but you roll to your tummy and back again a lot more as you reach for toys.  Being on your tummy still makes ya mad pretty quickly so you found a new way to play, SITTING UP! :)

Dislikes: eating food, sleep, and honestly not much else.  You're a pretty content little dude.
Size: You are filling out more and more and becoming a heavier little stud every day.  We are all loving your fuller cheeks and think they make you look a lot like your brother as a baby.  

Milestones: Sitting Up!!  You began sitting up on the white sand beach on our vacation!  You enjoy your new view of the world and ability to sit and play with your toys.  You love clapping on demand and it always makes you smile!
Jabbering jawing!  You are really starting to play with sounds Bababa, Dadada, Mamamama and sqealing!
You love to laugh and will burst into a giggle fit over the smallest things!  It's the cutest darn thing and gets us all laughing every time!
TEETHING KING!!!  At the beginning of this month we saw your first little tooth pop through, bottom front right.  It was immediately followed by your top left incisor, (quite a funny pair) and then the second bottom left tooth, followed by the bottom right incisor.  Over our vacation your front right tooth, top right incisor, and bottom left incisor, aaaaaaand peaking through at a slow pace here comes the front left tooth now!

Eczema update- With flare ups not getting any better and your chin becoming raw and oozy we decided to make another trip to the pediatrician.  We were given a much stronger steroid cream along with a cream to stop infections.  We used it for a week and saw improvement but it came right back a week later.  So a trip to the allergist had us soaking you in a bath for 30 minutes a day, trapping moisture in with Vaseline, and rubbing you head to toe in aquifer 4 times a day.  Because she thinks your flares are outdoor allergy related we were also doing Zyrtec and Benadryl daily.  Oh and fingernail cutting daily.
After one day on this regimen you flared even worse, it continued all week on our vacay and was not fun to deal with on top of sand.  I had a feeling you were reacting to the red dye in Benadryl and we stopped it after day 4.  We were finally able to see your skin calm down with the stop of the medicine and a switch to BeautyCounter lotions.  I am still having to slather you in oil and lotion multiple times a day as your skin just soaks it up and peels away.  I have also cut out tree nuts and eggs and am trying to see if there's any connection to something you're being exposed to in breast milk.  I'm praying we find a way to make you comfortable.  It makes me sad to see you scratch yourself to pieces in discomfort.
Your sweet little personality is shining through at us more and more and we love you more and more each day!  You're a delight my dear.

 Look at those pearly whites popping through!!!

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