Thursday, July 6, 2017

Family Vacay 2017 part two

What vacation is complete without a trip to Charlie's Donut truck to fill our bellies with sugar followed by a run through the splash pad and exploring Alys Beach.
 Beach days are the best days....why do they ever have to end?

One of our most memorable nights was spent slumped in our seats at George's while our children behaved like wild animals.  Somehow they found their reserve of energy and happiness for an hour of non stop running up and down hills while we listened to a Led Zeppelin cover band.  
She wouldn't stop, and he couldn't understand why she didn't want to stop and take a break...
 I can't think of a better way to spend your day than playing with your kiddos in the surf and watching them enjoy each other as true buddies.

One of my favorite parts of our trip were the evening trips to the beach for a little soccer, treasure hunting and going for walks.  
 Real life....sometimes the sand makes ya feel like sticking your tongue out.
"I go faaa out?  Just one time?"
 Sometimes you just need your daddy to hold you and tell you everything's going to be ok, even if can't go far out in the ocean, with your clothes on, at night.
I'm so thankful for the memories we made during vacation.  This little family God has blessed me with is more than I deserve, but that's what kind of Father he is, good to the last drop.  Parenting is a non stop, energy draining, love growing, emotionally challenging, humbling, heart warming experience and a week of living and loving on each other is just good for the soul.  Until next time, vacay we love you!  

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